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About Kozwel Boatworks

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Certified Excellence

All technicians at Kozwel Boatworks are OEM trained and certified, ensuring top-tier expertise for every service.


Full-Service Solutions

Guiding you through all your marine needs, from engine repairs to complete repowers, we offer comprehensive services for all types of vessels.


Dedicated Support

Steering you towards satisfaction, we're committed to outstanding customer service with personalized solutions and dependable support.

Who we are

Pioneering Marine Excellence Since 2001

Kozwel Boatworks stands as a beacon of quality and innovation in the marine service industry. Founded on the principles of integrity and reliability, we specialize in high-quality marine engines, transmissions, and comprehensive boat services.

Our team, led by the seasoned expertise of Pawel Kozinski, is committed to delivering unparalleled service. By working closely with industry-leading manufacturers like Volvo Penta, Yanmar, ZF Marine, and Velvet Drive, we ensure that every solution we provide is both cutting-edge and tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients.

At Kozwel Boatworks, we don’t just fix boats—we enhance your entire boating experience.

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Our Value

Commitment to Quality and Integrity

At Kozwel Boatworks, our focus is on providing outstanding quality products and services with integrity. This commitment aligns with Volvo Penta’s philosophy, which is why they are our primary dealership partner. Our dedication to excellence has driven rapid growth and allowed us to serve Southern California’s boating community with unparalleled service.


Our vision is to continually set industry standards by aligning with leading partners like Volvo Penta to offer unparalleled service.


To provide top-quality marine products and services, ensuring satisfaction through integrity and reliability.

Meet our team

Meet With Our Expert Crew

Get to know the skilled professionals dedicated to ensuring the best care for your vessel. Click on the photos to explore their profiles.

Learn About Our History

The Kozwel Boatworks Journey

Kozwel Boatworks was launched in 2001 by Pawel Kozinski, a visionary with over 30 years of hands-on experience in the marine industry. From the outset, Pawel’s deep expertise in application engineering, customer service, and technical maintenance set the course for a company built on a bedrock of excellence.

The early years were marked by strategic decisions that defined our trajectory, including the pivotal choice to specialize in Volvo Penta engines. This decision was influenced by a mutual dedication to quality and integrity, values that resonate deeply with our mission and have steered our path forward. This focus helped Kozwel Boatworks establish a solid reputation, enabling rapid growth and the expansion of our service range to meet the needs of a broad spectrum of clients—from weekend sailors to major commercial operators.

Over the years, we’ve not only expanded our geographical footprint but also broadened our expertise to include other prestigious brands such as Yanmar, ZF Marine, and Velvet Drive. These partnerships have enhanced our ability to offer diverse and sophisticated solutions to our clients.

Today, as we navigate through the dynamic waters of the marine industry, Kozwel Boatworks continues to thrive by adapting to new technologies and market demands. Our commitment to providing exceptional service remains unwavering, and we proudly stand as a pillar of trust and excellence in Southern California’s marine service sector.

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